Career Opportunities

The Kern County Bar Association (KCBA) provides leadership in advancing the professional interests of the membership and serving the legal interests of the community.

Our Goals are to:

  • Promote professional development and improve participation by all members.
  • Foster cooperation and goodwill between the legal profession and the community, and disseminate information to the public.
  • Build and maintain programs to assure financial stability.
  • Facilitate the use of technology in the practice of law.

As a component of our function we provide community resources such as:

  • The Mandated Fee Arbitration Program
  • The Indigent Defense Program
  • The Lawyer Referral and Information Services Program (coming soon!)

Additionally, our organization supports and facilitates the KCBA Charitable Foundation, and the multitude of activities that the Charitable Foundation carries out to benefit the community, such as:

  • The Constitution Day Book Giveaway Project
  • The Ready – Set – Back 2 School Backpack Giveaway Project
  • The Judge Arthur E. Wallace Scholarship
  • The Open Doors to Courts for our High School Students and much, much more!

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to provide the leadership in order for the organization to meet its mission and goals. It is the responsibility of the Staff to implement the leadership provided by the Board and to facilitate the actions necessary in order for the organization to carryout its mission and attain its goals. It takes a Team effort to make this happen, and we work hard at doing what we do – but we have fun and feel a sense of accomplishment in the process!

KCBA offers its (FTP) employees the following benefits:

  • Group Medical Health Insurance
  • Vacation Days
  • Holidays
  • Sick Pay
  • Competitive Market-rate Compensation

If you are interested in joining our Team and being a part of the process please see below for available opportunities to join the KCBA Staff Team, and instructions on how to apply. Thank you for your interest in KCBA and our Team!

We are always accepting volunteers to help with our daily office needs and other programs as they come up! Do you think you might have a few hours a week to dedicate to the KCBA? Please email for a volunteer application.

Current Job Opportunities 

KCBA IDP Administrator

General Description:

  • The Administrator is employed by the KCBA and is responsible for the organization and administration of the Program. The Administrator is responsible for preparation of budgets, charts, data, documents and reports related to IDP administration, appropriation, expenditure, and management of program resources. The Administrator: coordinates, supervises and manages the appointment, assignment and recruitment of independent contractor attorneys who participate on IDP’s panel; assists with supervision of support personnel; and prepares and presents reports to the IDP’s Committees, KCBA’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee, the County of Kern, and the courts (as necessary) as the Administrator’s functions relate to carrying out the job duties and proper management of the Program.


Distinguishing Characteristics:


  • The Administrator should possess strength in professional leadership and administration skills. The Administrator is responsible for a variety of administrative and business management processes, procedures, and policies; fiscal management and control; implementing effective systems to provide for changing requirements of IDP; and exercising, where appropriate, professional judgement and teamwork in resolving issues that may arise related to Program administration.


Typical Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • The Administrator plans, organizes, manages and coordinates the Program as required which may include the following:


  • Fiscal/Budget – as necessary or requested: (1) manage the budget, analyze and implement proper and effective accounting; (2) develop and maintain proper information systems and protocol for tracking and maintaining budgets, revenues, and expenditures; (3) conduct cost benefit analyses; (4) manage financial appropriations for legal and contract compliance; and (5) develop and maintain proper information systems and protocol for record storage and compliance with privacy and confidentiality requirements.


  • Program Oversight/Development/Implementation – as necessary or requested: (1) develop, plan and maintain services offered by the Program as well as recruit of new attorneys to serve as independent contractors on Panel; (2) manage, develop and implement IDP policies, procedures and protocol; (3) make written and verbal presentations; (4) represent the Program in a professional and effective manner; (5) plan, assign, and evaluate, contractors, consultants, work product, staff, legal billings and Program participants and provide recommendations as appropriate or requested regarding the same; (6) consult and advise with Program committees, the KCBA officers and board of directors, the KCBA Executive Officer/Director, the courts and County of Kern officials; provide administrative guidance; and (7) participate contract negotiations.


  • General Tasks and Responsibilitiesas appropriate or requested: (1) monitor and review cases in progress, quality of representation, Program attorney and support personnel qualifications, and legitimacy of fee requests; (2) establish procedures and goals for the efficient operation of the Program; (3) keep abreast of current developments in legislation and decisional law affecting the operation of the Program; (4) ensure efficient management and improvement of the operations of the Program in accordance with the directives of the Executive Officer/Director, Program contract, KCBA Board of Directors and officers, Program Committees, and the policies and procedures of the Program; (5) serve as liaison to committees of the KCBA and maintain good relations with the KCBA Board of Directors and officers employees, Program committees, KCBA employees, Program attorneys and support personnel, court and court personnel, the Kern County Administrator’s office, the Kern County Board of Supervisors, and related persons/entities; (6) provide the Program committees and the KCBA Board of Directors and officers with monthly reports of the operations of the Program, monthly and quarterly accounting statements, and yearly budget, fee schedule and policy recommendations; and (7) promptly respond to the requests from the Executive Officer/Director, KCBA Board of Directors and officers, Program committees, courts, the County of Kern, and related persons/entities.

Position Requirements:

  • Possession of the following: (1) Completion of a Juris Doctoral Degree; (2) License to practice law in California in good standing; and (3) at least five years of legal experience as an attorney (some criminal law experience preferred but not required)


The Administrator must possess the following skills and traits:

  • strong professional leadership and administration skills;
  • knowledge of accounting and budgeting;
  • ability to apply modern business and public administration principles to problems of office management;
  • knowledge of appropriate legislative codes and guidelines;
  • ability to supervise accounting functions;
  • ability to interpret laws and regulations and apply them in practical applications;
  • ability to draw up budgets and fee schedules;
  • ability to prepare and analyze comprehensive reports;
  • ability to work harmoniously and effectively with Program committees, the KCBA staff, the KCBA Board of Directors and officers, Program attorneys, courts, court officials, and other persons/entities related to the Program;
  • ability to handle complaints judiciously;
  • ability to use tact, integrity, initiative and good judgement in a variety of administrative situations;
  • ability to supervise and train;
  • ability to communicate clearly and concisely; and
  • ability to make appearances in court as needed.

Any offer of employment may be conditional and subject to a background check as well as current and acceptable motor vehicle driving information and appropriate insurability.

If interested, please email your resume to