Law Student

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Christine M. Young
Phone: 6504552601
Daniel Walsh
Professional Title: Law Student
Firm / Company Name: Northwestern California University School of Law
Phone: 661-364-7287
Jacob A. Thomasy
Professional Title: Law Student
Firm / Company Name: Southwestern Law School
Phone: 213-738-6700
Jacqueline C. Bahena
Professional Title: Paralegal/Law Student
Firm / Company Name: The Gorski Firm, APC.
Jeanette Irigaray
Phone: 5593315892
Jocelynn Moore
Professional Title: Law Graduate, Candidate for the 2019 California Bar Examination
Kayleen Clements
Professional Title: Paralegal
Firm / Company Name: Borton Petrini, LLP
Phone: 661-322-3051
Khashayar Azar
Areas of Practice:
Lori Rivera
Firm / Company Name: Kern County College of Law
Phone: 6613332135