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Mary McGrath
Professional Title: Attorney
Firm / Company Name: Mary A. McGrath, Attorney at Law
Phone: 661-805-2436
Areas of Practice:
Mathew M. Brady
Professional Title: Vice President & General Counsel
Firm / Company Name: ABA Energy Corporation
Phone: 661.324.7500 Ext 1007
Matthew McCartney
Professional Title: Partner
Firm / Company Name: Eastman McCartney Dallmann LLP
Phone: 661-334-1800
Matthew J. Faulkner
Firm / Company Name: Faulkner Law Offices
Phone: 661-327-0601
Max Koenig
Professional Title: Attorney
Firm / Company Name: Law Offices of Max Koenig
Phone: (661) 633-1162
Mayra G Estrada
Professional Title: Associate
Firm / Company Name: Klein, DeNatale, Goldner, Cooper, Rosenlieb & Kimball, LLP
Phone: 16613951000
Melissa Brown
Firm / Company Name: Schools Legal Service
Phone: 661-636-4380
Melissa Frank
Professional Title: Director, Government Affairs, Senior Counsel
Firm / Company Name: The Wonderful Company
Phone: 6617761318
Areas of Practice:
Mellanie Marshall
Professional Title: Attorney
Firm / Company Name: Law Office of Mellanie Marshall
Phone: (661) 616-1333