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BreAnne R. Ruelas
Professional Title: Lawyer
Firm / Company Name: The Law Office of David Torres and Associates
Phone: 661-326-0857
Areas of Practice: ,
Brett Stroud
Professional Title: Attorney
Firm / Company Name: Young Wooldridge, LLP
Phone: 661-327-9661
Briar R. Keeler
Professional Title: Associate
Firm / Company Name: LeBeau Thelen, LLP
Phone: 661-325-8962
C.M. Starr
Phone: 661-835-8337
Calvin Stead
Firm / Company Name: Borton & Petrini LLP
Carissa Anne Heim
Professional Title: Deputy Public Defender
Firm / Company Name: Kern County Public Defender
Phone: 6618681412
Areas of Practice: ,
Carol Bracy
Firm / Company Name: Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance, Inc.
Carol Ann Seita
Firm / Company Name: Ericksen Arbuthnot
Phone: 661-633-5080