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Gary Turnbull
Professional Title: Attorney
Firm / Company Name: Retired
George Manolakas
Firm / Company Name: Law Office of George Manolakas
Phone: 661-395-1705
Gerald Serlin
Professional Title: Partner
Firm / Company Name: Benedon & Serlin, LLP
Phone: 818-340-1950
Areas of Practice: ,
Gregory Muir
Firm / Company Name: Young Wooldridge
Gregory Pulskamp
Professional Title: Kern County Superior Court Judge
Phone: 6618684934
Grover Waldon
Firm / Company Name: Clifford & Brown
Gurujodha Khalsa
Professional Title: Chief Deputy County Counsel
Firm / Company Name: Kern County Counsel
Phone: 3102002684
Henry G. Gereis
Professional Title: Attorney
Firm / Company Name: Kern County Public Defender
Phone: 6618684799
Areas of Practice:
Hon Charles Scott
Professional Title: LAWYER, Barrister, Magistrate(JBM)
Firm / Company Name: Upper House U S Senate, UK Senate, Canadian Parliament Peerage
Phone: 304-668-2258