membership benefits

Membership Benefits

Why Join the Kern County Bar Association?

For many lawyers, joining a bar association might seem like an unnecessary and meaningless exercise. What does a bar association have to do with my practice? Who needs more meetings to attend? Why bother? It may come as a surprise that large numbers of lawyers at the local, state and national levels find bar association affiliation a true enhancement to their practice, their profession, and even their personal lives.

Benefits of KCBA Membership

When you become a member of the KCBA, you gain access to a variety of resources, programs and other assets that can enhance your career.

Helpful MCLE Classes

KCBA through our office and our Sections offers MCLE annually. Why travel to far flung places, stay in motels and pay outrageous fees for your required MCLE when you can get everything the State Bar requires right here in Bakersfield?

Social Activities

KCBA’s programs facilitate meeting and talking with fellow lawyers and judicial officers. KCBA hosts the Bench and Bar Award Dinner, the Bench and Bar Social, and our annual Installation Dinner. KCBA joins several organization events throughout the year.

Fee Arbitration Program

State Bar rules require that you offer your clients a low cost fee arbitration system when you have a fee dispute. KCBA’s arbitration program provides local attorneys to help you solve your fee disputes.

Networking with other practitioners in their area of expertise

KCBA Members meet practitioners in several practice areas, including civil litigation, transactional law, criminal defense, estate planning and probate, women lawyers, multi-cultural bar alliance, young lawyers, in-house counsel, and family law many of which offer specialized sections.

Res Ipsa Loquitur

The Res Ipsa Loquitur is a magazine distributed to law professionals and the legal community of Kern and surrounding counties. Our magazine is published through online distribution, with each issue distributed via email to our membership.

Daily eBriefs

Daily case law summaries provided to the Kern County Bar Association members of pertinent court decisions. Decisions are listed from the U.S. Supreme Court, Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and California Court of Appeal.